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A life affirming adventure for man and machine...

Join your “For-boar’ers” and immerse yourself into one of our epic Rally’s. They say the clothes don’t maketh the man, but the racing overalls do maketh the legend! As left leg follows right and you slip into another world!

Since 2006 we have been swilling around the world endurance racing scene like a fine Beaujolais around a well-seasoned palette.

For the “Grand Depart” you will need to reserve 6 days in mid June, such as you would set aside the finest gossamer appendages of a busty, lusty, young lovely…

It will not only be you who will look the part, you will be surrounded by a smattering of only the finest caliber of Gentlemen dressed for the occasion. You are “Tazio Nuvolari” meets “Steve McQueen” or the “Flying Mantuan” meets the “King of Cool”. Rallying to Le Mans with car, driver and co-driver dressed for glory. As you step on it you sweep past the awe inspired crowds, the adoring ladies can’t step out of their knickers fast enough in showing their appreciation...

Such as with this life affirming adventure, the journey is as important as the destination. We recommend each pilot has his wingman to ensure the escapades are devoured to the fullest.

Upon arrival at Le Mans a little housekeeping must ensue as PWF HQ is established, but as soon as you can say “Chocks Away” we will be hovering around the pits as if we owned the god damned place! Saluting fans, ogling cars, rubbing shoulders and pork loins all over scantily clad grid girls of negotiable virtue…

In amongst the chaos we would like to present a little order, not being so presumptuous as to declare this an itinerary, but please accept this as a mere suggestion if you will from “Hawk to Hawker”:


  • 06:30 Depart from Sheffield to Dover in full Pigs Will Fly Rally Apparel! (Compulsory)
  • 12.30 Ferry crossing (Dover – Calais)
  • 18:00 Arrival at Le Mans – PWF HQ Established (Tents / Marquee erected upon arrival)
  • 16:00 Free Practice (4 hours)
  • 20:00 Le Mans Village Meal (Circuit)
  • 22:00 Qualification 1 (2 hours)

When we are all happy campers, due to the length of the first day we tend to eat and drink using the circuit facilities prior to fetching supplies on Thursday.


  • 10:00 Food & Drink supplies (Carrefour supermarket)
  • 14:00 The Museum – Entry not included within your package (Circuit)
  • 19:00 Qualifying 2 (2 hours)
  • 20:00 Barbecue (Camp site)
  • 22:00 Qualifying 3 (2 hours)

We suggest a kitty for food and drink supplies either in groups or as a whole, fetched from the local Carrefour Supermarket, to allow a barbecue and some liquid refreshments in the evening. You will soon be boar’ed of paying 7 euros for a pint on circuit!


  • 10:00 Pit Walk in full Pigs Will Fly Apparel (Circuit)
  • 14:00 Mad Friday (Arnage Village)
  • 17:30 Drivers Parade (Le Mans Town Centre)
  • 19:00 Evening Meal – Not included with your package (Town Centre Restaurant)
  • 21:00 Music Concert (Dunlop Bridge)

Our highlight is the legendary “Pigs Will Fly Pit Walk” in full apparel, you will thank us later…


  • 09:00 Warm Up (Circuit)
  • 15:00 Le Mans 24 Hrs Race “Start” (Circuit)
  • 20:00 Barbecue (Camp site)
  • 22:00 Tertre Rouge (Local Pub)

For the start, either amble your way down to the Start / Finish Line (5 minute walk) or simply stroll to the perimeter of our camp site to be assured of a fantastic vantage point for all of the action (30 second walk!).


  • 15:00 Le Mans 24 Hrs Race “Finish”
  • 20:00 Barbecue (Camp site)

After the euphoria of the winning car crossing the finishing line, it is customary for fans to breach the fences and walk on the hallowed tarmac, the choice is yours!


  • 06:30 Depart from Le Mans to Calais (Civilian clothing)
  • 12.30 Ferry crossing (Calais – Dover)
It is here we give our salutations and bid farewell as we go our separate ways for another year…

Please remember, a Gentlemen never tells of any indiscretions. It would be inappropriate here for us to delve any deeper into the folklore that surrounds our momentous events. What we will say is the Le Mans 24 Hour Endurance Race is a spectacle to behold, with “Pigs Will Fly” YOU will become part of that spectacle and ensure you are inducted into the pantheon of the greats, a “Legend in your own mind” for this extended race weekend!

Our ethos is “It’s not what you drive it’s how you drive it” meaning an inclusive not exclusive event. Camping on site we offer no frills but plenty of spills with a group of like-minded characters, so why not join us:

(Rally deposits are due end of September, with balances paid end of February)

The Rally

Britain’s love affair with Le Mans dates back to the race’s dawn as - The Grand Prix d’Endurance de 24 Heures in 1923 and the following success of the “Bentley Boys” (4 straight wins from 1927-1930) only enhanced our Country’s reputation as a racing nation.

Ever since the Brit’s have been visiting “La Sarthe” and PWF have been doing our bit to help those burgeoning numbers.

We are based in Sheffield – England, but with PWF spreading our wings throughout the Country, we engineer our Rally’s so we can gather other “Wild Boars” together with various pit stops en-route.

Our Rally’s are not just about getting to the destination (although it’s a major part!). As with life, it’s about enjoying the journey!

A “Rally Pack” is provided to all our entrants which includes: General Admission Ticket, Camping Permit, Personalized Racing Overalls, Helmet, Goggles, Personalized Car Stickers.

With stickers stuck and costumes worn, the intrigue generated, fun, camaraderie and interaction you will have with the General Public adds a unique dimension to the road trip element of our trips!


With a Circuit length of 8.46 miles, you do not want to be placed at the wrong part of the track and miss the best vantage points!

“Tertre Rouge” is our campsite choice for various reasons:

  • Camp next to your car
  • Short walk to the tram network into Le Mans Town Centre
  • Close proximity to the Dunlop Bridge and access to Le Mans Circuit Village
  • 10 minutes on foot to the Start – Finish straight
  • Next to Sound Stage
  • Near to the Mulsanne Straight and famous Tertre Rouge Pub….amongst a few other reasons!

The event organizers provide clean toilet and shower facilities, PWF bring certain elements such as a communal tent and marquee, but generally entrants are expected to bring their own tents and camping equipment for setting up on arrival.


You will enjoy many highlights as part of your Le Mans experience with PWF, but for us the “Piece de resistance” has to be the Friday “Pit Walk”!

Get up close to the teams, cars and drivers as we parade down the pit lane “En-masse” in our rally apparel!

The “Glamour” provided by the Grid Girls and the “Clamor” provided by the race fans wanting YOUR picture will make you feel like a legend as you give that plucky “Two Fingered Salute” as only the British would dare…


A lot can happen in 24 hours and as the old adage goes, to finish first, first you have to finish! With numerous manufacturers, race categories, nations, teams, drivers taking part, you will surely find someone to pin your flag too.